Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Video answers are available for the questions below.

1 – My pay check is being garnished. Can you help?

2 – My Social security check is being garnished. Can you help?

3 – How much is this going to cost?

4 – I’ve called the IRS, been put on hold for over an hour and then I don’t really understand what they are talking about other than they want more money than I can pay. Can you help?

5 – How long to I have to pay back taxes I owe?

6 – My previous tax preparer won’t return my phone calls, you didn’t prepare my tax returns, can you help?

7 – I’m paying as much in interest and penalties as I am paying the past due tax. Can I get the interest and penalty charges removed?

8 – I’ve been calling the IRS, but can’t get anyone to answer the phone, can you help?

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